Tropical Health Foods TM
100% Pure Raw Wild-Crafted
Costa Rican Carao.

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Tropical Health Foods LLC
Arizona, USA


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The affiliate program is currently closed to new affiliates, due to limited supply. This affiliate agreement page remains for reference purposes only.

The affiliate system works like this:  As an affiliate, you put a special link to this website on your page(s).  This is referred to as an "affiliate link." If your site visitor click through to this website using your affiliate link and purchases the carao fruit product, you earn a 20% commission.  In addition, you continue to earn the 20% commission when the customer reorders (as they so often do), even if they reorder directly from this website, without using your affiliate link.

New Affiliate Signup

To become a Tropical Health Foods LLC affiliate/drop shipment dealer, you must accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. Although Freedom of Speech guarantees your right to express your opinions on the benefits of the product, if you make any health claims for the product you must post a disclaimer message clarifying that Tropical Health Foods LLC is not in any way responsible for your statements.  In addition, you must abide by Tropical Health Foods LLC's judgment regarding the appropriateness of statements made about the product.
  2. You must not mention the Tropical Health Foods carao product on any webpage where violence, cruelty, sexual perversion, or any other unethical content (according to Tropical Health Foods LLC's judgment) is present.
  3. Tropical Health Foods LLC has the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time and for any reason.  Similarly, you can terminate your account at any time or for any reason, or request indefinite suspension.
  4. The affiliate link may only be used on your own web pages.  For example, use of the affiliate link in pay-per-click advertising such as Google Adwords is not allowed.


I agree to not hold Tropical Health Foods LLC responsible for any lack of sales or loss of profits or any other adverse consequence of being an affiliate.  I agree that my only recourse in case of dissatisfaction is dissolution of my affiliate account.  I have read and agree to the above.  Click HERE to continue.