Payment From Nigeria

Beginning in January, 2011, we are no longer able to process credit and debit card payments for Nigerian cards.  Therefore, payment from Nigeria must be by bank transfer or bank check in dollars.  Choose the payment method called "Personal check, bank check, money order, or wire transfer.  After you place the order, you will be emailed the information for the bank transfer.

Suggestions for bank transfer

Bank transfer from Guaranty Trust Bank, plc. is probably the least expensive non-credit-card payment method for orders of 10+ bottles. The total cost is about USD $24 for any amount, I believe.  However, for 10+ bottle orders I will apply a special $20 discount, to help pay the cost of the transfer.

If you want more information about bank transfer from Guaranty Trust Bank, plc, visit Phone and email contact info for Guaranty Trust Bank follows:

Tel: +234 1 448 0000, +234 803 900 3900
+234 802 900 2900, 0700 GTCONNECT
E-mail: corpaff <at> gtbank <dot> com , enquiries <at> gtbank <dot> com
(spam prevention, replace '<at>' with '@' and '<dot>' with '.' and remove spaces)